Sunday, February 22, 2015

A Solid Foundation for Success

Step 1: Start from a solid foundation

For me, this meant stocking my kitchen and fridge with fruits, vegetables, and grains. This seems simple enough, but this is where I've been going wrong the last few months. Creating a solid foundation also meant cleaning and organizing my house this morning to create a more inviting and workable space.

Step 2: Try something new 

I tried guava for the first time today. I nearly broke my teeth on the seeds, but it was very good!

Step 3: Eat breakfast

I have a habit of not eating breakfast and then I end up eating whatever I can find. I'm back to the basics now. I had muesli with almond milk and a banana this morning. The muesli tastes far better than anything I normally grab and I feel better. I need to remember that.

Step 4: Plan for the week

I have a busy week ahead with work and school, so I will prep salads today for lunches next week. I have chickpeas soaking at the moment and I will freeze most of them in ready-to-use portions. I also bought some root vegetables to make a hearty stock for soups. I will freeze some of the stock as well. Where I've gone wrong the last few months is taking something like a banana for lunch, but I would never eat it. Instead, I would buy food or wait until I left work at which point I would be starving and eat far too much food. I should know better! To be successful, I need to plan and have healthier options on hand at all times.

Step 5: Eat when hungry

Only when I'm hungry!

Step 6: Cut back on coffee and get more sleep!

I'm not going to lie. I've been drinking too much coffee every day. I usually drink two large iced coffees a day from Starbucks. Not only is that hurting my cash flow, but I know the coffee is terrible for me. My goal is to stay hydrated with water and lemon and just have the occasional coffee when I want it.

Step 7: Have fun

I need to have fun with food and I need to have fun. Period. I only have one life and I need to make the most of it!

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