Saturday, February 21, 2015

A New Journey

Almost a year has passed since my last blog post. I was definitely losing momentum by March of last year and I was going through some personal problems, which I allowed to take over my state of mind. I lost the drive to be really healthy. Without any support system in my local area, I just let what happen happen.

So here I am, back to the blog that initially helped support my healthy lifestyle goals. This blog and the online vegan community is my support system. I can't hide anymore. I need to be honest with myself. My blog keeps me on track, keeps me excited, and most importantly, accountable. Nothing will change unless I make a change and that is exactly why I am here.

Now, almost a year since my last post, I am roughly 25 lbs heavier. My knees hurt with the extra weight, I'm always tired, and I don't fit into any of my clothes. It's time to re-focus. With the exception of a handful of times, I have remained vegan. I still buy organic fruits and vegetables and I stay far from processed foods. My problem has been portion control and eating out.

So here's to a new journey. To a long-lasting, health-driven journey that focuses on self-love, cooking and preparing food at home, and learning and sharing about living a healthy lifestyle.

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